About Us

Our Philosophy

At ACATestPrep and Brainbuffet, we believe firmly that great teachers and eager students want to be successful and learn. Teachers and students need to work together to make the most out of classroom time spent together. We’ve found that often times when a program is suffering, it is because one or both of these parts of the equation is taking a shortcut that seems like a good idea, but in the long run causes more problems than it solves.

Teachers and students need to work collaboratively to ensure that the most is gained from class.  This takes effort and energy, but not much more than the energy spent trying to cover tracks when it’s not happening! We know our strategies are unusual- but we count that as a credit to our programs! We are unique, like all excellent programs are! We do things differently, like every innovative company or team. And as Rob once said it…

“We’re weird, and that’s our secret ingredient. Apathy is average. Complacency is common. Ask hard questions, get self-critical, and NEVER settle for average. Average just means you also suck at being terrible! Real teaching and learning is hard work, but more fun than mediocrity, so it’s worth the effort.

Don’t make it easy. Make it challenging – challenging but fun. Always just make the learning worth the effort.”

We do things different because we feel it’s worth the time and effort to do something well, or not worth doing it at all. We believe teachers have great programs and they know their students’ needs better than we ever could. We don’t want to replace teachers or their amazing contributions… we just want to help share the load. We don’t replace a teachers’ curriculum, we come in to support it- to support the teacher and their unique contributions to the classroom and to their students.

One size never fits all. One size fits one. The rest of us just look sloppy in it. 

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Timely Updates

Targeted Training

Our tutorials cover what you need to know in a hands-on, content-rich set of tutorials that don’t beat around the bush. We cover what you need to know to get started for industry exams and workplace.

Connected Content

Context is key. Our tutorials are project based, teaching you the critical skills you need in a way that you can use them immediately. No fluff, no junk, and cool projects you’ll be stoked to show off.

On-Screen Delivery

Online training has the extra benefit of being quickly updated, always available, and easily modified. When the industry or exams change, so do we. This quick adjustment is key to adapting to changes in the industry.

Clear Communication

Our combination of video and hands-on projects is highly effective! Our users love our projects, they’re successful on industry exams, and they move quickly into advanced concepts and careers.

Recent News at ACATestPrep.com

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Student Spotlight

If you’d like to submit your student’s artwork to be a part of the student spotlight, please click on the submit button below and fill out the Google form or you can email us with a description of the student and artwork. Please be aware that if artwork contains a...

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Certifiably Creative Contest

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Our Team

Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz

Founder, Designer, Pedagogical Ninja, and Solver of Problems

Rob started this little venture as an outgrowth of his class website at brainbuffet.com. Rob is fluent in design, Photoshop, Illustrator, and photography, and loves speaking on creativity and innovative classroom ideas!

  • Photoshop 90% 90%
  • Illustrator 80% 80%
  • Design and Business 75% 75%
Joe Dockery

Joe Dockery

VP - Video and Media, King of Apps, Skibum Extraordinaire

Joe Dockery is an award winning educator, a popular workshop speaker and trainer with a focus on video for education, but Joe is the ultimate creative! Joe is fluent is the entire creative suite and plays a mean game of Disc Golf as well.

  • Premiere 95% 95%
  • After Effects 80% 80%
  • Mobile Apps 90% 90%
Jackie Coll

Jackie Coll

Interim Kingpin, Keeper of the Reigns, Disney Queen and Nerd Mom,

Jackie starting teaching Graphic Design in 2007. After attending a BrainBuffet workshop in 2010, her program was the top ACA certifying program for 2 consecutive years.  She is fluent in Photoshop & Illustrator. Her hobbies are  cooking, Disney, & photography. In addition to being a full-time Mom, she works  to make things happen at BrainBuffet.

  • Photoshop 85% 85%
  • Industry Testing 95% 95%
  • Curriculum Design 90% 90%
Joseph Labrecque

Joseph Labrecque

VP- App Development. Master Absintheur, Knower of Secret Things

Joseph Labrecque is a creative developer, designer, and educator with over 16 years of experience creating expressive web, desktop, and mobile solutions. 

Over the past decade, Joseph has authored a number of books, articles, and video course publications on design and development technologies, tools, and concepts.

Joseph is an Adobe Education Leader, Adobe Community Professional, and a member of Adobe Partners by Design.


  • Adobe Animate (Flash) 95% 95%
  • Web Development 85% 85%
  • Systems Integration 90% 90%
Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon

Yearbook/Newspaper Champ, Author, InDesign Guy

Jon is an amazing award winning educator with years of experience in design, yearbook, newspaper, and Humanities. Author of Learn Adobe InDesign CC for Print and Digital Media Publication. Jon has also produce video tutorials for Adobe Indesign: Classroom in a Book. He has consulted Certiport as a Subject Matter Expert in the development of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Word/Powerpoint exams. 

Jon also has a great delivery style and taught with Rob his very first year in Broward County, FL and they’ve been friends since! 

  • InDesign 95% 95%
  • Dreamweaver 85% 85%
  • Photoshop 90% 90%
Jennifer Stubblefield

Jennifer Stubblefield

Trainer, Educator & MOS Extraordinaire

Jennifer has spent 26 years in public school and she’s a cheerleader for Microsoft Office Certifications. She has a number of accomplishments: 2019 Certiport Educator of the Year, 2018 Southern Business Education Teacher of the Year, 2016 Ky Business Education Teacher of the Year, 2016 Chamber of Commerce Most Outstanding Woman in Business.

She’s an FBLA Advisor and when she’s not in the classroom, she does corporate training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In her spare time she dabbles in photography and loves to travel, hike & water water raft. Her idea of a great day is being on any cruise ship in the Caribbean. She’s a baseball mom and owner of two fat basset hounds. If you’ve ever met her, her high energy is infectious and she never sits still for very long.

  • Microsoft Word 90% 90%
  • Microsoft Excel 80% 80%
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 85% 85%