This quiz is a review of the concepts covered in all the projects in the Adobe Certified Associate After Effects Series by Brainbuffet.

It’s a great plan to take this test before doing the projects, and then again afterward. This serves a couple purposes we won’t get into now- but trust us- you’ll remember more for the real test this way. This test is NOT for a grade, you can retake it as often as you wish. NO PRESSURE! Just use it to learn what you need to review. When you’re done with the test, there will be feedback on anything you got wrong that will link you back to the training video that covers that topic!

NOTE: There’s a bug that makes the quizzes score inaccurately on some systems. We can’t find it, but we’re working on it. DOUBLE CHECK ALL ANSWERS when you get the score report. You may have items marked wrong that you got right!  (the bug also helps make sure people check their answers and read the review, so we’re not rushing to get it fixed. ;))