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Adobe Dreamweaver™ CC

Dreamweaver CC Project Home pageAdobe Dreamweaver™ is the cornerstone web design product for Adobe. It is also the beginning certification to acquire if you choose to move further in your web design career! This set of tutorials will help you learn everything you need to know to pass the Adobe Certified Associate exams for versions CC2013 and 2015. (We STRONGLY recommend taking the newest version!)

This tutorial series is specially designed to cover the latest ACA exam standards as they’re addressed in the new Creative Cloud versions of the examination. With special attention paid to the new Dreamweaver CC interface elements, this series of 49 videos is a perfect way for students to learn the fundamentals of creating HTML and CSS layouts while preparing to take the exam.

Through hands-on, activity based projects that focus on the methods used in industry, you will learn everything from basic HTML to CSS stylesheets and uploading your site. This is not just training in the software, it’s training in a career!

LOOKING FOR THE OLD TUTORIALS? The old tutorials cover the CS4, CS5, and CS6 versions of the software. We recommend the newest tutorials as Dreamweaver has changed over the years, but if you want the old tutorials, they can be found using the button below:

Dreamweaver CS5/6 Tutorials

Kim Cavanaugh and Rob Schwartz

Kim Cavanaugh and Rob Schwartz

Dynamic Duo

Kim and Rob team up to create a killer set of tutorials for Web Design. With over 30 years of combined web experience, they know what YOU need to know to get started on Amazing Design! Rob and Kim often present at everything from local district conferences to the Adobe Headquarters in California on topics ranging from Teaching creativity to Implementing Digital Tools in k-12 education. And they both look awfully handsome for old guys, don’t ya think?

**What’s With the Princess Stuff?**
The Princess cup and patch were gifts from the Adobe Education team. It’s kind of Rob’s nickname at Adobe- Long story!!


Project 0

Dreamweaver CC17 Updates!

The joy AND pain of Creative software, including Creative Cloud, is that software and trends change often. As a result, you’ll need to learn to adapt to changes! The video below helps you learn how to adjust to the new interface changes introduced in Dreamweaver CC15 summer update and CC17. Remember, the interface is flexible- so you can customize it easily! But the web is changing faster than any other medium, so changes are inevitable in this field!




Project 1

Put brain in gear before clicking mouse.

I know. You hate planning things out. That’s pretty common for designers. But if you’re working on stuff for the web, you’re going to have to develop the habit! There are many amazing web designers that can’t eat because they don’t know how to work with the client to figure out how to make the site that will get them paid.

When designing websites, your goal is to design for the client’s needs and goals- you really need to understand their target audience and goals, and then plan things out. Trust us- it takes WAY more time to design stuff TWICE than it does to just listen to the client and organize things right the first time around!



Project 2

Fire Up Your Website Dreams

This series of tutorials will help youdig in to Dreamweaver and build your first pages! All you need to build, layout, organize, and link up your pages.

Click the button below to see the mission briefing!

Mission Briefing

And you can grab all the goodies by clicking the button below!

Dreamweaver 2015 files

***Attention Teachers- These goodies are a big download. Some teachers have reported it’s easiest to download once and share on school servers or even copy to a couple flash drives and share around the class to make it easier. Otherwise, you might bring your campus internet to a screeching halt! ***




Project 3

Worth 1000 Words- Images on Pages



Project 4

Getting the Hook-Up

This series of tutorials will help you create links to your site content to make it easier to get to. Learn how to get things linked up, and the multiple ways and best practices to make it happen!


Project 5

You’re speaking in code

This section teaches you the basics of CSS- which is the COOLEST THING EVER for web design. This separates the noobs from the cool kids, so PAY ATTENTION! CSS and DIVs are everything these days- KNOW IT!!

*- not really.


Project 6

Designing the UX

It just sounds so cool to say (or type) UX. It stands for User eXperience- making sure that people don’t come after you for making your site an instrument of torture because it’s so poorly laid out. Make it awesome, and create a good UX!!


Project 7


Responsive design is a pretty big deal these days- and what it means is that the page responds to the device it’s being viewed on. This allows you do design one page that will change size, shape, and layout of elements when viewed on a phone versus a monitor.


Project 8

Prototype to Production

Well, adventurer… your journey to designing the site is about done. Here’s where you test, polish, and push your site live! Bad news, it’s a little like sending your kid off to college- you might miss this project once you’re done working on it. Good news? Your site might become a doctor and support you in a lavish lifestyle for the rest of your life! Just make sure you do these steps to send your baby off right. If you just kick them out of your house- they won’t build you your own later! 😉