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This page has some helpful tips for getting yourself logged in and set up! We’ve really worked hard to make this the quickest possible deployment for your campus! If you have another question we don’t address here- let us know by using the contact link below and we’ll make a video to help explain it! ūüôā

I'm getting errors on the pages or they don't seem to be loading properly.

This error can be on a single machine, a group, or the whole classroom. If it’s not every computer, this is the hardest thing to troubleshoot because it’s inconsistent. But that normally points toward a computer problem, not a network or website problem. If you have any of the following problems, please watch the video to completely clear your cache instructions are at RefreshYourCache.com for every major browser.

Confirming it’s the Cache: Try using an incognito window. If that solves the problem- it’s definitely your cache, and there may be a network policy in your district that won’t allow you to flush the cache. Your IT department may need to help.

If the instructions on RefreshYourCache.com¬†don’t work (or only work temporarily), but incognito windows do…¬† you’ll have to do what we call an aggressive cache dump, detailed below.

Aggressively Deleting Cache:

CLICK HERE for a video about how to totally eliminate computer browser issues if you have user permissions to clear the cache on your computers.


  • Flush ALL DATA for ALL TIME– everything has to go. Good idea to do the first day of school with every class.
  • Turn off and Reboot computer after flushing¬†everything– I know it shouldn’t make a difference, but often it does!
  • Every Student, Every Computer- this is a computer setting saved locally with the user login. Each student will have to do this on each computer they use. If it’s fixed for Joe 2nd hour, it won’t work for James 3rd hour using the same computer. If either moves to a different computer, they’ll need to do it again.
  • Change the Student Password: This may help reset the key for login. Instructions are here.
  • If the above doesn’t work, try again-¬†Did you really delete EVERYTHING? ALL data, even the stuff you think couldn’t possibly affect it? Be sure to scroll and make sure you didn’t forget to check ANY of the boxes for data to clear.


Help! I've forgotten my password!

No worries! CLICK THIS LOST PASSWORD LINK to recover it. CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO that gives a quick walk through.

This requires that you have access to the email used when you created the account. If you don’t, please contact us for assistance

I'm getting an error that says Flash:Video file not found.
Just refresh the page to fix that. The videos time out after a certain amount of time if the page loads and the video doesn’t play. Schools often have limited bandwidth, so we use this feature to keep the site running as smooth as possible in classrooms!

HERE IS A VIDEO explaining the issue if you’d like to know more.

I have a computer that's stuck on an error, the rest seem OK.
This is difficult to troubleshoot as all inconsistent problems are. Our first suggestion is to verify that you can access other sites.

Second, try to clear your browser cache. Sometimes computers load an old version of a page they saved on an earlier visit, this should clear it up.

Third, and I know it seems like it shouldn’t matter, reboot your computer. It’s been too many times that I refused to reboot thinking “It’s the web, it can’t be my computer!” only to discover that rebooting fixed it.

If none of those ideas work, drop us a line.

Can I reset my password/email address or my student password?
Of course! To change your student password, you can change that at the bottom of your Profile Page available in the upper right corner of your screen when you’re logged in. On the same page you can also change all your information EXCEPT your username. USernames are NOT changeable as mentioned in the welcome instructions and video.

CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO to help you through the process if you need it!

How do I purchase a subscription?
Your best bet is to go through a Certiport Rep. They can take purchase orders from schools! They have great discounts they obtained by making a large bulk purchase and passing on the discounts to their customers. You can find your Certiport Rep by using the form at THIS PAGE.

If you aren’t doing ACA Certifications on your campus, please use the contact form to contact us directly or simply sign up using a credit card! ¬†If you get a chance to see any of the team speaking, we often have discounts available for attendees to our workshops!!

Can you explain seats and users?
Sure, we know this part is a bit confusing. Our product works via seats. So when you subscribe, you’ll get a seat license. Those seats can be used for ALL OF YOUR CLASSES! If you have a 33¬†seat license and use it for all 6 periods, all 198 students can use the tutorials.

The seat limit is the number of students that can be logged in at once. Students from EVERY SINGLE CLASS can log in to the student account as long as you don’t go over the SEAT limit for your account.

How do I sign up with a code?
No problem! It’s really easy. To make it even easier, we’ve recorded a quick video to walk you through it!

CLICK HERE to watch the video!

How do students log in?
Students log in using the STUDENT USER AND PASSWORD, not your own. The easiest way to login is with the login widget at the bottom of every page. Here’s a simple image we created to help, you can send this to students having problems as well!

If you’ve forgotten your student login information, that can be found on the teacher’s Membership Page.

student logins

The project files won't open, what's wrong?
The project files are zipped, and need to be extracted before the app can access them. HERE IS A VIDEO FOR WINDOWS on Unzipping files downloaded from the site. We also have THIS VIDEO WITH HELP FOR THE MAC.
How can I see when my membership expires?
This one is easy- just visit your Membership account page!
How do I extend my existing account with a code?
Great question! We’re only sure this works when you are extending another year on to your account, not changing the account type (from class to campus, for example).

The trick is to log in to ACATestPrep.com with your TEACHER account first. Then, click the link in the email to extend your account. Enter your discount code like you did the year before, and you can change the student password if you need to.

Click submit and your account is extended!

If you’d like some help, you can click here to get a video walkthrough. ūüôā

How do I UPGRADE my account with a code? (like from class to campus)
If you are upgrading¬†your existing account, you log in to your account and enter the code just like extending an account’s time.

HOWEVER– when you upgrade, you will not get to keep your remaining time on the existing account. We recommend that you just wait until the old account is used up, and then enter the code the last week of your existing account.

Here is a video demonstrating how to upgrade your account, and shows how you will LOSE existing time on your current account! If this is a problem, contact us and we’ll figure out a solution!

Where can I find the privacy policy for ACATestPrep.com?
That one’s easy. Right here.

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