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The newest test for Certiport- Illustrator is also one of Rob’s favorite apps. Like many PhotoShop™ users, when first learning it- he was frustrated with the tools and the different way of working! But once a designer learns how incredible Illustrator is- that you get to actually build infinitely scale-able images from scratch- you’ll be hooked!

Looking for the classic tutorials? Check ’em out here.

Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz

Guy Who Knows Some Stuff

Rob is the guy behind this site and these projects. What started as a classroom experiment led to this whole site dedicated to teaching design concepts to students and individuals! He’s fascinated by design, creative solutions to unique problems, and community dynamics. Though a successful educator, author, designer, and consultant- he enjoys his work as a father, friend, and mentor the most.

Illustrator CC15 tutorials are going up now.

If you start on CC15, we'll probably stay ahead of you.
Illustrator CC15 tutorials


Project 1

Illustrator 1- Intro to Illy!

Get the low-down on Illustrator. How it works, how to set it up, and how to be super cool like me.

  • Launch The App – Here’s how to get started and make it easier to find later!
  • Interface Tweaks and Tips – Learn some secrets to make it easier to work in Illustrator.
  • Tweaking some settings – Let’s get on the same page using tweaks I learned from my buddy Mike at the MacLab!
  • Common probs – Understanding a couple things that mess people up in the beginning when following tutorials.
  • Wrapup – recap the critical stuff.


Project 2

Illustrator 2-Illustrator basics

Why are vectors so AWESOME? Watch this set of videos and learn the deepest secrets of they Ancient Egyptians and how they built pyramids. (OK, nothing about pyramids in here.. but it’s even BETTER!)


Project 3

Illustrator 3- Creating a Logo


Project 4

Illustrator 4- Badges?? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!


Project 5

Illustrator 5- Robot Guy!

Wanna get inspired? See what other people have created after watching these videos by clicking here.


Project 6

Illustrator 6- Trendy Design!

  • Illustrator 6a – Set up your document for your trendy design
  • Illustrator 6b – Creating 3D objects from text, and easy shortcuts for a unified look.
  • Illustrator 6c – Mastering Color and color rules.
  • Illustrator 6d – Maging color in your document and creating swatches.
  • Illustrator 6e – Mapping art to 3D surfaces on your objects.
  • Illustrator 6f – Creating custom symbols to add to your 3d Objects
  • Illustrator 6g – Working with the pencil tool and customizing your strokes.
  • Illustrator 6h – Creating custom brushes for your strokes.
  • Illustrator 6i – Using pattern brushes to create complex objects using simple shapes.
  • Illustrator 6j – Working with an organizing layers.
  • Illustrator 6k – Creating a background and working with gradients.
  • Illustrator 6l – Getting creative with grids and primitive objects.
  • Illustrator 6m – Blends are AMAZING to play with! Use them to create excellent use of line!
  • Illustrator 6n – Using effects on your objects- even Photoshop effects!
  • Illustrator 6o – Saving your images and exporting in multiple formats.


Project 7

Illustrator 7- Pen Mastery

SO FUN! I absolutely LOVE the pen tool… but at first it’s challenging. I kind of think it feels like learning a new sports game or FPS where you have to learn to hit a ball or throw an object… And for this project you’ll need some sample files you can get at the button below!

Project Files


Project 8

Illustrator 8- Self Portrait

The CAPSTONE!!! IF you can do this project- YOU KNOW THE PEN! It’s tough… and I strongly encourage you to use your own image!! It’s always fun to use your own face, and these days with smartphones it’s really easy to email yourself a selfie from your phone and get a digital image of your face! But if you can’t get one- here is an image of some super good-looking people you can use. 😉


Project 9

Soft Skills- Domains 1 and 2

If you don’t yet have your Photoshop Certification, you can review the Soft Skills about working with clients, copyright, and design in the PHOTOSHOP PROJECT 9 tutorials!

Photoshop Project 9

Looking for the REALLY old Illustrator tutorials? You can find them here.