InDesign CC15

Tutorials for the InDesign CC15 ACA Exam

InDesign CC15

Most of us have had to create documents with text and pictures at some point in our lives. InDesign is the professional application for not only bringing text and images together, but also for creating layouts that allow for easier workflows, as well as designing publications for both digital and printed media. InDesign will enable you to create stunning visual, interactive documents for all devices to reach a broad audience. These lessons are specifically designed to help prepare you and your students for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam (ACA).

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Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon

King of Interactive Documents

Jonathan Gordon is a prominent InDesign instructor with 20 years’ experience. He is an award winning instructor receiving the Broward County Journalism Adviser of the year from the Sun Sentinel newspaper in 2010 and 2015. He also won Journalism Adviser of the Year from the Florida Scholastic Press Association (District 7) 2004 and 2010. Jonathan helped establish the Academy of Journalism at McFatter Technical High School where students received journalism certificates learning digital design and industrial communication and also taught Digital Media Technology (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver) through McFatter Technical College. Jonathan received a Masters in Mass Communication – Online Communication and Web Design from the University of Florida, and presently lives and works in Upstate New York.


Project 1-


Project 1 Files

Create an amazing Conference Poster using Indesign and some BEAUTIFUL free assets we found on the web under CC license!

InDesign Quiz 1

Here are the videos!


Project 2-


Project 2 Files

Create an amazing Yearbook Spread Indesign and some Awesome free assets we found on the web under CC license!

InDesign Quiz 2


Project 3 - Menu


Project 3 Files

Imagine the world’s best restaurant- and then create the menu!

InDesign Quiz 3


Project 4 - Graphic Resume'

PROJECT 4 – Graphic Resume’

Project 4 Files

You’ve got mad skills- so show them off! Make a resume’ that will show your design skills in words as well as design.

InDesign Quiz 4
  • 4.01 – Make the snapshot of your life count ::  An overview of the concepts and skills to be presented in Project 4.
  • 4.02 – Work it ::  Setting up a new document with columns, gutter, and margins.  Change the units and increments, undock panels, make layers, and create a new workspace for the resume.
  • 4.03 – Mind the Gap ::  Once again create new swatches, make rectangle frames, add a bleeds.  Get to know the  GAP Tool.
  • 4.04 – Making a pick-up, then delivery ::  Learn how to duplicate elements with the use of the content conveyor, content collector, content placer, and CC libraries.
  • 4.05 – Head of the class :: Add some guides, place text file,  and create a paragraph style.
  • 4.06 – Keep it styling ::  Group some elements on the page. Place elements of the resume in the proper layers. Create some more paragraph styles. Finally, cut/paste text within text frames.
  • 4.07 – Revise ::  Clean-up: shift text frames, add lines breaks, and check for errors.
  • 4.08 – What is in a name?::  Add name of the resume owner. Work with text frame options and vertical justification.  Use character and paragraph panels to format text.  Create a circle path with the ellipse tool and place an image inside.
  • 4.09 – Icon do it ::  Retrieve icons from Adobe Illustrator file, edit those icons, and review anchor points,  Create an object style.
  • 4.10 – Very interesting ::  Create a drop shadow on a shape. Work in the Hobbies and Interest section of the resume.  Use the align panel and align Hobbies and Interest icons.  Use the ellipse tool to creates circles and place around icons.
  • 4.11 – How competent are you? ::  Create a ellipse bar graph for the Skills and Competencies section. Use the ellipse tool, create a new swatch, align with the align panel, and  group elements.
  • 4.12 – A stroke of expertise ::  Create a circle ‘pie graph’ of sorts for the Software Expertise section. Use the ellipse tool and align panel. Create a tint swatch. Use the Scissors tool to cut portions of circle paths. Open the stroke panel and change end caps.
  • 4.13 – Taking it personal ::  Create a bar graph for the Personal Skills section. Create a rectangle frame and duplicate them. Create lines and open the stroke panel. Change stroke starts and ends.
  • 4.14 – Refer to my friends ::  Work on the References section. Create rectangle frames, change corner shape with corner options. Use the pathfinder tool to create custom shapes (speech bubbles) Use transform to flip the shapes horizontally. Organize text frames on the page.  All done.


Project 5 - Event Poster


Project 5 Files

Dream about your most perfect event… and then make a poster for it!

InDesign Quiz 5
  • 5.01 – Showcase Yourself :: An overview of the concepts and skills to be presented in Project 5.
  • 5.02 – Digitally Incline :: Setting up a new document with the intent for Web, customize a page size, group panels together, and create new workspace for a digital portfolio.
  • 5.03 – Catch the Rainbow :: Create RGB swatches, learn where to acquire free fonts, and produce paragraph/character styles
  • 5.04 – Page Master :: Placing elements on master pages. Changing page panel options. Inserting page numbers.
  • 5.05 – Lock it up :: More new swatches. Making frames. Locking elements on a page. Adding text. Create effects to be used in an object style.
  • 5.06 – I got you pegged:: Exporting document pages to jpegs. Placing images on a page. Create effects to be used in an object style.
  • 5.07 – Let’s be transparent :: Create new swatches. Use transparency blending modes for a cool effect. Use inset spacing, placeholder text, and paragraph styles in a text frame.
  • 5.08 – Scissor me this?:: Creating frames with aligning the stroke on the outside. Use the scissor tool to create line paths. Add arrows to the end of the line paths. Work with inset spacing in text frames. Add Adobe Illustrator icons to the document.
  • 5.09 – Text, text, and more text :: Work with margins/columns. Create text frames. Use placeholder text. Thread text between multiple text frames.
  • 5.10 – Jump, Jump, Jump around :: Create page jumps to get around your publication. Apply paragraph and character styles. Use text wrap around an object.
  • 5.11 – Anchors Aweigh :: Creating frames with aligning the stroke on the outside. Use the scissor tool to create line paths. Add arrows to the end of the line paths. Manipulate anchor points. Utilize text wrap while altering offset values.
  • 5.12 – Image-ine That! :: Screen capturing images. Placing those images. Scaling those images.
  • 5.13 – Lay it out for me :: Clean-up. Revisit CC Libraries. Add new pages. Copy/paste in place full layouts.
  • 5.14 – Rinse and repeat :: Adding vector icons to the document Export pages to jpgs. Screen capturing images. Placing those images. Scaling those images. Utilize text wrap while altering offset values.
  • 5.15 More of the same :: Fixing issues with page numbering in jumps. Work with icons. Exporting document pages to jpegs. Resize frames and rotate images. Utilize text wrap while altering offset values.
  • 5.16 Now you can see it…No you don’t :: Toggle visibility icon. Creating text and ignore text wrap. Create a character style. Revisit transparency blending modes. Kern some text. Apply an object style.
  • 5.17 A glimpse of perfection :: Add new pages. Change a swatch color. Create outlines out of text. Manipulate anchors points. Use the character panel. Add buttons. Placing an image in a shape. Get an idea what the digital portfolio looks like through the ‘epub interactivity preview’.
  • 5.18 Button up :: Create buttons and trigger events. Copy those buttons – paste in place. Use the ‘epub interactivity preview’.
  • 5.19 Let’s table this :: Create a table of contents, table of contents style, paragraph styles, tab leaders, and object style.
  • 5.20 Icons in motion :: More icons. Use the align panel and distribute spacing. Create animations with trigger events and few more buttons.
  • 5.21 Another time around the block :: Creating frames with aligning the stroke on the outside. Use the scissor tool to create line paths. Add arrows to the end of the line paths. Placing an image and fitting the content/frames. Adding buttons and copying/pasting in place.
  • 5.22 Your portfolio in motion :: Show where to create video for the digital portfolio (Adobe spark videos). Create a frame and align a stroke to the outside. Place videos in document. Insert html into an InDesign project. Publish online.
  • 5.23 In the real world :: Export digital portfolio to epub and interactive pdf. Publish online as well.
  • 5.24 Fixer Upper :: Redo button destinations, Relink TOC electronic links, Correct effects in epubs. Final export to interactive pdf, publish online, and epub. And bid Adieu.