InDesign CC18 Series

Everything you need to know about INDESIGN CC18

Adobe InDesign™ CC18

Most of us have had to create documents with text and pictures at some point in our lives. InDesign is the professional application for not only bringing text and images together, but also for creating layouts that allow for easier workflows, as well as designing publications for both digital and printed media. InDesign will enable you to create stunning visual, interactive documents for all devices to reach a broad audience. These lessons are specifically designed to help prepare you and your students for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam (ACA).


We recommend that you use the tutorials that correspond to the version you will take (You should practice in that version as well). But if you want to prepare for the older exams, use the old tutorials, they can be found here: CCCC15

You can also use the CC15 tutorials to prep for the CC18 exams as we get the new tutorials recorded and uploaded here for you to use!


Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon

King of Interactive Documents

Jonathan Gordon is a prominent InDesign instructor with 20 years’ experience. He is an award winning instructor receiving the Broward County Journalism Adviser of the year from the Sun Sentinel newspaper in 2010 and 2015. He also won Journalism Adviser of the Year from the Florida Scholastic Press Association (District 7) 2004 and 2010. Jonathan helped establish the Academy of Journalism at McFatter Technical High School where students received journalism certificates learning digital design and industrial communication and also taught Digital Media Technology (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver) through McFatter Technical College. Jonathan received a Masters in Mass Communication – Online Communication and Web Design from the University of Florida, and presently lives and works in Upstate New York.


Project Intro

ps18-100 - Launching Photoshop

ps18-100 - Launching Photoshop

This video is for our Photoshop tutorials, but has info about how all our tutorials here work. When Rob says “photoshop”, just replace it with “InDesign” in your mind.  We’ll try to make a generic video soon. 

This quick intro is to introduce you to our tutorials, and our unique way of approaching effective, industry-ready curriculum. We do things differently here, in a way that mimics the real world as closely as possible. We don’t want to teach you how to use CC18- we want to teach you to design using InDesign! The version that you work with doesn’t matter (but new is always fun!) If it seems too weird for you, then we recommend the Adobe Learn series of books– the only books published by Adobe Press and targeted directly at the Adobe Certified Associate exams!

NOTE- If preparing for the ACA Exams, we suggest using the CC18 software.

Tips on launching and keeping the software handy for Windows 10 and in general. You can also review these other videos on how to launch on Mac OSX.

Simple Flyer With Adobe InDesign™ CC18

This introduction will help you  get familiar with the interface and learn great tricks to get your documents looking GREAT in InDesign! Learn to create a simple promotional poster!

  We recommend taking the practice test BEFORE AND AFTER watching the videos- This strategy is PROVEN to help you remember the information! When taking the test AFTER the exam- See how you do without using any Hints!

Click the image below to go to the Project 1 Playlist!

    Indesign CC18 Project 1


    Project 2

    Conference Poster

    Create an amazing Conference Poster using Indesign and some BEAUTIFUL free assets we found on the web under CC license!

    Click the image below to view the Project 2 playlist!


    Project 3

    Yearbook Sports Spread

    Create an amazing Yearbook Spread Indesign and some Awesome free assets we found on the web under CC license!

    Click the image below to view the Project 3 playlist!


    Project 4

    Gym Brochure

    Create a Gym Brochure with workouts, tables, and the Pathfinder!

    Click the image below to view the Project 4 playlist!


    Project 5

    Project Portfolio

    Create a project portfolio with all of your work in a single document!

    Click the image below to view the Project 5 playlist!

    In Progress

    We’re posting the videos as we build them so you don’t have to wait, but the curriculum is incomplete. We’re working hard to finish as soon as possible, but we put quality and completeness before the calendar. The CC15 tutorials work GREAT for the CC18 exam, and we have many schools successfully reporting very high pass rates on the new exams. We think this is because the Live In The App exams are so much better for students that really know the software! 


    Main thing to know with CC18 vs CC15 is that Select and Mask has slightly changed and moved, but basic tasks in the window are exactly the same.