Hi everyone!

This is a super quick update. Just wanted to get the video below to you guys to let you know why it’s been so quiet around here, and also to share the first ever Brainbuffet Design Contest! More details below.

State of the Site:

Quick overview: Apologies for running a little behind schedule and why. CC18 Update. Design Contest (below). Help us help you! Just think about it over the next week or two (students also) about what we can do to give you more help/support/resources outside the ACA prep stuff.

The BrianBuffet Design Contests Begin! (WITH LASERS!)

Check out the video above for info on our First Ever Design Challenge!!! Super stoked about this idea and the project is a great way to support any of your projects that need a play piece. I know a lot of teachers do a “Design A Board Game” project and this is a cool way to use a laser engraver to create 3 dimensional objects.

HERE ARE THE SUPPORT RESOURCES YOU CAN USE.  The rest is up to you! Think outside the box, get creative, and have a blast!

Deadline will be January 15. 

More details to come in the Mid-November newsletter when I’m back in the country.