Photoshop CC18 Series

Everything you need to know about PHOTOSHOP CC18

Adobe Photoshop™ CC18

Adobe Photoshop™ is the cornerstone product for Adobe. It is also the beginning certification to acquire if you choose to move further in your design career. This set of tutorials will help you learn everything you need to know to pass the Adobe Certified Associate exams for Photoshop CC18.

Through hands-on, activity based projects that focus on the methods used in industry, you will learn everything from basic photo editing to advanced photo manipulation and design. This is not just training in the software, it’s training in a career!


We recommend that you use the tutorials that correspond to the version you will take (You should practice in that version as well). But if you want to prepare for the older exams, use the old tutorials, they can be found here: CSCC15

You can also use the CC15 tutorials to prep for the CC18 exams as we get the new tutorials recorded and uploaded here for you to use!

Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz

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Project Intro

ps18-100 - Launching Photoshop

ps18-100 - Launching Photoshop

This quick intro is to introduce you to our tutorials, and our unique way of approaching effective, industry-ready curriculum. We do things differently here, in a way that mimics the real world as closely as possible. We don’t want to teach you how to use Photoshop CC18- we want to teach you to design using Photoshop! The version that you work with doesn’t matter (but new is always fun!) If it seems too weird for you, then we recommend the Adobe Learn series of books– the only books published by Adobe Press and targeted directly at the Adobe Certified Associate exams!

NOTE- If preparing for the ACA Exams, we suggest using the CC18 software.

Tips on launching and keeping the software handy for Windows 10 and in general. You can also review these other videos on how to launch on Mac OSX.

Simple Photo Edits With Adobe Photoshop™ CC18

This introduction will help you  get familiar with the interface and learn great tricks to get your photos looking GREAT online! Learn to fix common photo problems and export in the best formats for print or web.

  We recommend taking the practice test BEFORE AND AFTER watching the videos- This strategy is PROVEN to help you remember the information! When taking the test AFTER the exam- See how you do without using any Hints!

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    Project 2

    Photoshop Photoshoot

    Photography and Photoshop are a match made in heaven. This set of tutorials will help you learn tips and tricks for modifying photos in a more professional style photoshoot. We’ve got some engagement photos, a modeling shoot, a couple concert images, and tricks for group photos.

    Click the image below to view the Project 2 playlist!


    Project 3

    Magazine Cover

    Photoshop can do more than just photography- it’s a full-fledged design tool! This project will introduce you to some critical concepts for print design and you’ll create a magazine cover that represents your life and interests. Make it personal and have a blast designing for print in Photoshop!

    Click the image below to view the Project 3 playlist!


    Project 4

    CD Cover Design

    Photoshop is more than a Photo editor, it’s the most popular and powerful design tool on the planet. Use this tutorial to learn to create a CD Sleeve that hints at your interests and style with some cool effects and tricks of the Trade!

    Click the image below to view the Project 4 playlist!


    Project 5

    Video Lower Thirds

    Photoshop can also edit video. I don’t just mean it can create video files and play sample video in the background, but you can add effects, styles, and other layer tricks to video layers! Way Cool!

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    Review 1

    We’ll update this area when we have the new quizzes in place for CC18. For now, try the CC15 quizzes for review!