4.1c Demonstrate knowledge of proper file management, the purpose of file management, and the difference between embedded and linked data.

By the end of this lesson I will understand why file management is critical to video editing and where to save my files.

File Management Quick Tips

  • 2 Hard drives are better than one: Your first hard drive will be for your Operating System and software. Your second can be for your media files.

    If you only have a single hard drive don’t sweat it, just keep an eye on how much space you have left because your computer will slow down if you run out of hard drive space!

  • Keep Everything together: Create a project folder to hold your media files and Premiere files/folder. If something goes wrong you can simply off load the folder
  • Never edit from a network: Unless you work at a TV station your network probably doesn’t have the speed to handle video transfer speeds necessary to edit video.

Editing video is one of the most intense things you can ask your computer to do because your editor will have to read/write massive files. It is very important to keep your video files on a fast hard drive, preferably a second hard on your computer. In my computer lab we have a second terabyte drive called “Storage” setup for storing the media for our video projects. Never try to edit or export video files from/to a network drive!

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