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Pro Level Video At Home!


This workshop is a must for anyone that teachers or uses Adobe Premiere Pro. You will learn how to maximize your efficiency with the application and take your video editing skills and techniques to the next level. You will be presented with a series of lessons complete with video tutorials, project files and examples. These lessons are specifically designed to help prepare you and your students for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam (ACA).

Example of student work after completing this training:

Shot throughout Snoqualmie Valley, this film talks about the importance of Martin Luther King’s actions and legacy in the world today. It was created as part of 2013 Mount Si High School’s MLK Day assembly using the Canon T3i and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Directed, filmed, edited, and narrated by: Josh Helzerman
Directed and filmed by: Luis Montano
Interviewees: Cory Williams, Taylor Pearlstein, Liam Crozier, Gerald Bopp, Tristan Moore
Joe Dockery

Joe Dockery

Video Kingpin!

Joe Dockery teaches digital arts courses at Mount Si High School in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, Washington. He weaves community service into all aspects of his curriculum to ensure his students receive authentic learning experiences. Dockery also consults and trains nationwide on the use and integration of Adobe software.

Special Note About Working With Premiere:

Premiere is a huge program that works with very large files. It’s really important to have the right system setup for working with video! Check out this video below about tips and tricks for working with Premiere. The video is kind of targeted to teachers running labs and our individual license users, the file below is not downloadable by student accounts. Students can download the files below near the project that requires the videos, and this video explains how to download those videos with a student account.




1- Project Planning

PROJECT 1- Pre Production

PSST! Get tips on downloading files here. Video files are huge- there’s nothing we can do about that part, so we share them out with our google drive!

Download ALL the videos at once in 720P format by clicking HERE.

1.1- AUDIENCE– purpose, audience and audience needs for preparing video (voice)

1.2 RELEVANT to the project purpose and appropriate for the target audience

1.3 copyright rules

1.4 production planning and management process.

1.5 Video Sequence Development

1.6 Identify General Principles for Video Shooting

1.7 Demonstrate knowledge of visual techniques for enhancing video content

1.8 Demonstrate knowledge of using audio to enhance video content

1.9 Demonstrate knowledge of using still images to enhance video content.

1.10 Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design and content plans.

Bonus: Check out this great five minute video by Ken Burns on Story:

Quiz 1


3- Community Promo

Project 3 – Community Promo

Grab the files for this project here (

3.1 Importing media assets (repeat) *Ctrl + i = Import

3.2 Organize and manage video clips in a sequence: Create a new sequence

3.3 Creating a rough cut using the source monitor *i = set in point and o = set out point

3.4 Editing on the Timeline/Sequence *Alt + Delete = Ripple Delete

3.4a Working with Audio in Premiere Pro *Ctrl + click = create keyframe on volume rubber band

3.4b Precision Audio Adjustments

3.4c Deleting Audio

3.5 Adding Transitions between clips *Ctrl + d = Add default transition

3.6 Manage superimposed text and shapes in a video sequence: Basic Titles

3.7 Manage superimposed text and shapes in a video sequence: Rolling Credit

3.8 Manage superimposed text and shapes in a video sequence: Opening Title Slate

3.9 Exporting your project

Practice Project: Now that you have the basics try shooting your own promotional video for your community. Keep it short. Here is a great source for Creative Commons music for your project.

3.10 Recording a Voiceover in Premiere Pro

Quiz 2


4- Mountain Bike Interview

Project 4 – Mountain Bike Interview

Grab the files for this project here  (

4.1 Interview Introduction (note new project/import/new sequence)

4.2 Lift and extract (B-roll review)

4.3 Creating a Lower Third

4.4 Applying Basic Speed Changes to a clip

4.5 Applying and Modifying Effects

4.6 Color Grading in Premiere Pro

4.7 Using the Warp Stabilizer to smooth out shaky footage

4.8 Rendering Video/Audio on the timeline

4.9 Working with Photoshop to Edit your Images

4.10 J and L Cuts

4.11 Exporting your project

Practice Project: Use your new editing skills to create a 1-3 minute video about your favorite hobby.

Quiz 3


5 - Ken Burns

Project 5 – Ken Burns

Grab the files for this project from the Internet or your own collection of photographs. I will provide a suggested link on the “Setup” page.

5.1 Ken Burns Project Setup

5.2 Automate to Sequence

5.3 Key Framing

Practice Project: Scan some old family photos and make a music video for your grand parents.


6 - Special Effects

Project 6 – Special Effects

Grab the files for this project here:
Project 1 files

Quiz 4

Premiere Pro Practice Test

Quiz yourself on EVERY question in all the premiere quizzes here on ACATestPrep! Great practice and review for the real thing- and remember, when you miss a question… DON’T JUST MEMORIZE THE ANSWER! Figure out why you missed it, and if you aren’t totally solid on the concept, review the video that covered the concept.

Certification is a nice piece of paper to have… but only because it opens doors to make movies for a living!!! Make sure you know what you need to know to have fun with Premiere as a hobby or a career! BOOM!

Support Materials


Vocabulary – Includes a full list of all the Quizlet study guides

Study Guides – This pdf is a great tool to print out for your students.

Keyboard Shortcuts