Premiere CC 2015 UPDATE (New and Improved!)

Pro Level Video At Home!


This workshop is a must for anyone that teachers or uses Adobe Premiere Pro. You will learn how to maximize your efficiency with the application and take your video editing skills and techniques to the next level. You will be presented with a series of lessons complete with video tutorials, project files and examples. These lessons are specifically designed to help prepare you and your students for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam (ACA).


Joe Dockery

Joe Dockery

Video Kingpin!

Joe Dockery teaches digital arts courses at Mount Si High School in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, Washington. He weaves community service into all aspects of his curriculum to ensure his students receive authentic learning experiences. Dockery also consults and trains nationwide on the use and integration of Adobe software.

Teacher Tools and Tips:

Please take the time to review each of these tutorial before you begin this course.

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1- Source Monitor Workflow

Project 1 – Community Promo

In this project you will learn the basic workflow for editing video in Premiere Pro. The key to this type of editing is trimming your clips in the source monitor and then placing them on the timeline. We will be creating a simple video montage that is synced to music and a voice over. Sample Files: project1-comPromo


Practice Project: Now that you have the basics try shooting your own promotional video for your community. Keep it short (15 second). Here is a great source for Creative Commons music for your project.

Recording a Voiceover in Premiere Pro


Take the time to study the panels to prepare for the exam.

Quiz 1


3- Moutain Bike Interview

Project 3 – Mountain Bike Interview

In this project you will learn the basic workflow for editing an interview with Premiere Pro. The key to this type of editing is to place the interview on the timeline and then lifting or extracting the unwanted video. We will be create a short video with the interview at its core and broll over the top to hide jumpcuts and add interest. Sample Files: project3-mtBike


Practice Project: Use your new editing skills to create a 1-3 minute video about your favorite hobby, club or sport at school, or an interesting person you know. Make sure to record a solid interview that will be the core of your project and then get lots of interesting Broll shots to cover up your jump cuts and make the video more entertaining.


Take the time to study the panels to prepare for the exam.

Quiz 3


4 - Slideshow

Project 4 – Slideshow

In this project you will learn how to sort clips in project bins and then automate them to the timeline in Premiere Pro. You will also learn to do some simple keyframing with the Effect Controls. We will be creating a simple photo montage that is synced to music. 

Sample Files: project4-slideshow

Bonus: Check out this great five minute video by Ken Burns on Story:


  • Practice Project Option 1: Scan some old family photos and make a music video for your grand parents. 
  • Practice Project Option 2: Collect a bunch of photographs for a local sports team and make an end of the season slideshow.

Quiz 4


5 - The Weatherman

Project 5 – Special Effects

In this project you will learn the basic workflow for applying and adjusting effects in Premiere Pro.
Sample Files: project5-specialFX
Teachers: I use a file from Video Copilot in this series of lessons. You can watch this tutorial for directions on how to download and unzip the file for your students. *Downloading the smoke file  | Here is a link to the webpage with the smoke files


Practice Project: Find a green screen around school to shoot a practice scene. The key is to have even lighting with no shadows.

Quiz 5


6 - Pre-Production

PROJECT 6- Pre Production

In this project you will learn about all the core concepts and procedures that filmmakers go through to plan and produce a film. These concepts and terms will be covered on the exam so take the time to listen and take some notes. Use the study guides at the bottom to make sure you have a solid understanding before taking the exam.

Pre Production Notes Assignment | No Sample Files

Take the time to study the panels to prepare for the exam.


Quiz 6

Premiere Pro Master Practice Test

Hey! Here’s a practice test with all the questions mashed together. Good luck!

Support Materials

Vocabulary – Includes a full list of all the Quizlet study guides

Study Guides – This pdf is a great tool to print out for your students.

Keyboard Shortcuts