Tracking Student Progress

We've got strong opinions on this subject...

At, we don’t have a Dashboard to track “student progress” because we don’t believe it’s effective for a few reasons- It doesn’t work well, it’s often an administrative burden to the teacher, and it would increase our prices.

1. It doesn’t work.

Student progress can’t be tracked by a website- only site activity can. Students learn in the first week of any “online tracking system” that as long as they click a link and let a movie play, they get credit. They can be talking to the student in the next seat, playing a videogame, watching YouTube, or anything else! If the page is open and the movie is playing, they get credit. This gives false information to the teacher about the student’s progress. It doesn’t matter if they logged in, it only matters if they learned. 

2. It’s labor-intensive.

We created ACATestPrep because as classroom teachers, we just wanted tutorials that kids liked and were effective- but that didn’t take over our jobs or give us another system to manage (one gradebook is enough!). For students to have their own logins, they need to sign up for an account. Aside from the legal concerns involved with tracking students (COPA, CIPA, Etc.), students with lost passwords and email access problems are a nightmare for teachers to manage.

3. It would increase prices.

We are classroom teachers here at ACATestPrep also. Our budgets are tight just like yours. We are, and have always been, the most cost-effective solution for certification materials because we wanted to make something that every classroom could afford. Features MUST be worth the increased cost it would incur to ACATP users- and for the reasons listed above, we don’t think it’s worth an extra $800-$1000 a year for teachers.

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