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We have a LOT of confidence in our product, because over the last 8 years, we have seen literally THOUSANDS of our users learn design applications and get certified using our tutorials! We are constantly updating our site with the newest versions of the apps, covering new tools and skills that one needs to be employable and certified!

The vast majority of our customers are schools, and we sell a package that easily integrates into any curriculum with minimal setup and an easy roll-out. Students use a shared login that allows the whole class to log in at once using the same username and password. This eliminates the login and email errors that accompany individual accounts, and eliminates having another gradebook software to have to manage and learn.

Our goal with our product is simple- Make it effective, enjoyable, and economical. That’s the grand slam of educational tools! Kids love it, it’s easy to use and roll out, and it works… exceptionally well!


Certiport has purchased a large number of licenses at a discount to pass the discounts on to their users. If you are a Certiport customer, call your sales rep to find out if any of the discounted licenses are available.

We believe in our product- it WORKS! And we’re happy to partner with Certiport to assist you in achieving high numbers of certification with your students. For us here at Brainbuffet, we do it all #ForTheKids!

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District or State Purchases

If you’re looking for larger purchases for entire school or business districts, we would like to discuss your needs and intended uses to help you figure out the most cost-effective way to purcahse our tutorials. Contact us using our contact form to set up a conversation about the best way to roll out with ACATestPrep in your district. We will work to line it up with your Certiport Rep so that the subscription aligns with your testing renewal and streamline your purchases in the future.

What They’re Saying:

I have never had such good instruction for students in 10 years.  They never ask me any questions.  🙂  They get it the first time around and what they don’t they can re-watch.  It is how instruction should be delivered.  It takes the frustration out of learning and puts creativity at the forefront. Chris White

Teacher, Enloe High School

I’m currently a student at Manatee High School and by watching your tutorials I got certified on Adobe Illustrator CC back in May. I’m currently watching your Premiere Pro tutorials and they are just amazing! Travis

Student, Manatee High School

ACA Test Prep has been a key ingredient to our success over the years. Since we’ve had a district-wide subscription for our schools, we’ve consistently had multiple schools in the top 10 certifying schools in the state. With CAPE funding, we earn significantly more than the subscriptions costs us each year. Brian King

CTE Director, Broward Schools

How It Works:

We designed our system to be easily implemented and rolled out into a classroom or campus. Our users wanted fast, easy, fun access to training that didn’t replace their classroom, but enhanced it. We don’t have a separate gradebook or student management system you need to manage. We just have amazing and fun training that helps students learn the applications we train on and prepare for industry certification and the workplace. When you sign up for a class or campus license, here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your username carefully! You get a student account that is the same username as your own with “-stu” added to the end. If you are “ZombieTech” then your students log in as “ZombieTech-stu.”
  2. Make sure your password and the student password is different! You set the password for both accounts upon signup. Yours can get into the account setup and billing page, the students’ can’t.
  3. All students login with the shared student account and password. You can have either 33 or 100 students logging in with the student account at the same time (depending on the license).
  4. If students forget to log off, no problem! The system will log out earlier users when new users log into the system. As soon as the student account goes over it’s limit, it logs off the earliest user to let the new user in.
-Cost per student based on 6 periods of all seats being used. Campus Licenses typically serve 3 classrooms.
-Student logins are a single shared login for ease of deployment and use. When use goes over the user limit-the first user is logged off.