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  1. Think of a SMART, SHORT USERNAME! (click here for examples and tips!
  2. Review step 1 and be sure you have a SMART, SHORT USERNAME.
  3. Watch the video on this page if you’d like more info, but you probably don’t need it.
  4. Fill out all the appropriate fields below, Be sure to make the student password and your teacher password different!
  5. Click submit and enjoy!
  6. You can also check out the FAQ and HELP pages to find answers to common questions- there are also links in your signup email.

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Membership Level change

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This access is for schools with small programs or for groups and clubs with career development programs. It sets up a “Student Account” that has its own password that you can set. That student account can have up to 20 students logged in at the same time (120 total/year)!

The price for membership is $495.00 now.

Membership expires after 1 Year.

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Avoid Change Fees:

If you’re getting an account with STUDENT logins- your account username is shared with the students! Students will have the same username that you choose here with “-stu” at the end.


If you sign up with username
then students login as

You should NEVER enter -stu on the signup page anywhere- and you should be comfortable with the students having to enter this username every single time they need to sign in.


DO NOT enter “-stu” manually on this page anywhere for usernames or passwords!!!


  1. Make it generic- it’s shared with all users of your account.
  2. Make it short- easy to type and remember.
  3. Avoid spaces and special characters.
  4. DO NOT add “-stu” to the username! 

If you require a username change, you will need to pay a $50 username change fee if you encounter errors by not following these guidelines.